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With many years of advertising market surveillance and creating a think tank, Yekseen has brought together the best creative minds in the field of graphic arts. Dear customers, the difference is clearly seen in the projects of the graphic design team.

teaser & animation

With a wealth of artistic elites and with a confidence in the ideas, decoupage and creative directing of his young artists, he uses the modern audiovisual equipment to offer a variety of films and teasers with an appropriate and competitive quality.


With a combination of science and art,Yekseen has created fascinating ways to carry out promotional, educational and entertainment projects using AR / VR intelligent technology. Using this advanced technology in different substrates, despite the creation of an attractive and special atmosphere, will result in high and stable productivity for a variety of customer orders

digital marketing

Yekseen group by providing and gathering software elites and web designers and digital marketing experts, offers services in the best-quality digital business development unit with innovative ideas in line with today's world-class technologies


Yekseen group with the creative potential of architectural architects and the theory and experience of skilled craftsmen has come to the fore, and by combining the knowledge and experience of these two generations, they have come to fruition ideas about interior design, monitoring and execution. This unit solves all the needs of our customers in designing a variety of environments.


Yekseen use the highest facilities and technology, and offers you in a variety of styles, arts and creativity. Industrial and advertising photography is an integral part of the world of industry and commerce.

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